Basic Property Mapping

Implicit Property Mapping (bi-directional)

Matching field names are automatically handled by Dozer.

Properties that are of the same name do not need to be specified in the mapping xml file.

Simple Mappings (bi-directional)

We will start off simple. If you have two properties with different names they can be mapped as such:


Data type conversion

Data type coversion is performed automatically by the Dozer mapping engine. Currently, Dozer supports the following types of conversions: (these are all bi-directional)

  • Primitive to Primitive Wrapper

  • Primitive to Custom Wrapper

  • Primitive Wrapper to Primitive Wrapper

  • Primitive to Primitive

  • Complex Type to Complex Type

  • String to Primitive

  • String to Primitive Wrapper

  • String to Complex Type if the Complex Type contains a String constructor

  • String to Map

  • Collection to Collection

  • Collection to Array

  • Map to Complex Type

  • Map to Custom Map Type

  • Enum to Enum

  • Each of these can be mapped to one another: java.util.Date, java.sql.Date, java.sql.Time, java.sql.Timestamp, java.util.Calendar, java.util.GregorianCalendar

  • String to any of the supported Date/Calendar Objects.

  • Objects containing a toString() method that produces a long representing time in (ms) to any supported Date/Calendar object.

Recursive Mapping (bi-directional)

Dozer supports full Class level mapping recursion. If you have any complex types defined as field level mappings in your object, Dozer will search the mappings file for a Class level mapping between the two Classes that you have mapped. If you do not have any mappings, it will only map fields that are of the same name between the complex types.

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